Taylor and I No Longer Have Bad Blood

Taylor Swift just debuted her new video last Sunday at the Billboard Music Awards. She has been promoting it for the past week by releasing posters that included some of her famous friends. I can say that I surprisingly liked it.

I used to love Taylor back when she first debuted. I never really liked country music and she opened up my mind enough to try it out. After her style changed, I no longer liked her that much. I think that’s part of the reason why is because of the bad publicity she got from her dating life and because she was literally everywhere.

However, I have gotten over my phase of disliking her for dumb reasons. I can finally see what everyone loves about her. She seems so down to earth and really sends great messages to young girls. I guess I’m a Swifty, is that what they are called, again.

Check out her new video. I was surprised that there was rapping in it, I usually don’t like it when songs have random rapping just for the heck of it, but this is Kendrick Lamar and he is actually good. I think this might be my summer jam. Well after Big Bang.


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