Seeing More Colors

I previously made a post about how my biggest fear is going blind.  maybe my luck will change and the opposite will happen.

Some people are known as being tetrachromat, they can perceive more colors than is normal because they have four cones rather than three. The brain however works the same as anybody else’s; the brain becomes accustomed to it over time.

The reason behind such phenomena is a mutation in the x chromosome. When men have a mutation in the x chromosome it usually leads to colorblindness. In order for tetrachromat to occur there needs to be a mutation on two x chromosomes, thus only women can have the benefit of seeing more colors.

It is difficult to study such cases because the tests administered are only in the perceived colors: red, blue, and green. It is believed that the forth cone perceives a red-orange-yellow color, but no one is certain.



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