No Pain, No Gain

I recently got very interested in tattoos, I never thought I would get one. Not that I didn’t like them, it’s just that I would never get one myself. The fear of disliking it would be too strong and I wouldn’t even know what to get. My dad absolutely hates tattoos and my mom surprised my when she said she actually didn’t dislike them. My uncle had one on his hand and when he no longer wanted it he used a needle to take out the ink. Just the thought of it makes my stomach clench. I used to not believe him, I’m still not sure if I do. He has some residue left of the ink, however there isn’t any highly noticeable scares. I’m not sure if this is even possible, but it was enough to freak me out and ever since then I thought my uncle was a bad-ass. No matter how much I hated a tattoo I would never have the guts to do that.

Tattoos are said to have began thousands of years ago, some of the earliest work recorded includes Ancient Greece and Rome. It is believed to have began by accident, as someone with a wound realized that once healed it left a scar.  This was then done on purpose, with the addition of color.  The definition of tattoo is “the insertion of colored materials beneath the skins’ surface or epidermis.” Many other cultures continued with their own variation of this tradition, however lots of it was later lost;once the Eurapeon Christan ideologies began to take over the once isolated societies during the exploration of the New World.

Tattoos have been a symbol of honor, rituals, spiritual significance, esthetic, decorational purposes, and now are used by people as a way to express themselves. Like stated before, I used to not be very fond of the idea of them, but now I wouldn’t mind getting one. However, I wouldn’t attain one just for the heck of it, but because the reasoning behind it is genuine and something that really does mean enough for me to be marked with it for the rest of my life with it.

Butterflies, infinity signs, arrows, anchors, Chinese characters, and crows are some of the most popular tattoos these days. There are some really interesting new tattoo trends coming about. I’ll talk about some of my favorites.

#1- Triangles


#2-White Ink

White tattoos are such a cool idea, it definitely makes them stand out form among other tattoos. it looks like a scar in a way, I don’t know whether someone would like that or not. I would like to see people with darker skin to do this, I’m curious to what it would look like.


Moving from white tattoos to ones full of color. these are so pretty, however I think they could easily get messed up. One minute you have a pretty purple flower the next you have a permanent bruise. One should also note that the colors would not stay this vibrant forever. It would infidelity take commitment.



Now we have the nature tattoos. Flowers have always been a popular choice, especially roses, when tattooing. However, people are moving from that to more extreme examples of nature. Trees and full forest have become really popular. I don’t really want a tree tattoo on my body, but I do want one on my bedroom wall.

Pei Ketron / Flickr


Other than triangles, geometric tattoos are making it big. The thought out lines and precision makes fora sharp contrast amongst the softer tattoos we are used to looking at.



I know henna isn’t permanent, but it’s just so darn pretty. I’ve always wanted to get one, it’s on my bucket list. normally such coverage of skin would be intimated but there is somethings about it tat make sit so captivating.

Almond Leaf Studios























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