Makeup is Not Just to Look Better

I remember many years ago I watched a video by Michelle Phan. It was about how to create a Lady Gaga look, I didn’t really care about looking like Lady nor did I really wish to, but I still watched it. At that time I had just started to experiment with makeup behind my mom’s back. I would always grab it and cross my fingers that she wouldn’t notice that her eyeshadow was running out sooner.

Her makeup is really expensive; she buys eyeshadow that is about an inch by half an inch that costs eight dollars. That seems like way too  much to me, her pallet has sixteen, that’s $128! Screw that, I tend to be a lot cheaper with my makeup purchases than she is.

Anyway after discovering Phan I watched a bunch of videos by her and others with crazy makeup tutorials that I woudl never attempt and if I did I knew they would never turn out the same.

Till this day her videos are the only one is watch on YouTube, other popular makeup gurus don’t interest me at all. They tend to do the most basic tutorials that I could come up with myself, shopping hauls, and their daily routines that don’t matter to me.

I like to experiment with makeup, I wish I could do some of the more extreme looks you see on the runway, but where would I wear that to and not look like a clown.

I recently cam across the makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan who works along the photographer  Alexander Khokhlov. Kutsn uses models natural facial lines to create illusionary forms.

The project is entitled “Weird Beauty”, black and and white were the only colors used in order to  to emphasize form and volume.

Khokhlov says that they wanted to  “prove that usual simple forms, familiar things or characters can be a main part of wonderful beauty looks”.

I thought these were so cool, they seem fake because of  how well done they are. I love that makeup isn’t just something to make people look better, but another way to express yourself creatively.


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