Unrealistic Princesses

Disney princesses are some of the most important characters a child grows up with, yet many  people have noticed the negative side of such iconic characters. Some people say that Disney princesses give unrealistic expectations to young girls of what is beautiful.

The whole thing about heir eyes being as big as their wrists, their waist lines being as big as their neck, and they all having impossibly small feet, amongst other things. The whole idea of little girls wanting to be like a princess is true, I wanted to wear  a big puffy dress just like anyone else. However,  it never crossed my mind that I had to look exactly like them to be considered beautiful. Maybe part of it was that none of them looked like me at all, therefore I didn’t aspire to be exactly like them.

The whose argument about their eyes and waistlines seems dumb to me. They are cartoons after all, cartoons are made from exaggerating and simplifying  human traits. Making a nose bigger than normal, or making someone impossibly thin, having a triangle for a head. If cartoons were made to mimic the way people really look, they would not be as pleasing to the eye.

However the one thing that does bug me about them is that he recent ones all look the same. the past Disney princesses clearly had different features from the next. Cinderella, sleeping beauty, Pocahontas, snow white. They all looked different. unlike, Ariel, Anna, Elsa and Rapunzel that all have the exact same features with the only distinguishing factors being their hair, skin tone. an surface details like makeup and freckles. You could argue that Elsa and Anna are siblings so they can look alike, but what about the other two.

The same goes for most of the villains. while the main characters are pretty, the villains are are generally stuck with being ugly. With the expectation some (Gaston, Hans) of course. Besides with the ugly factor, villains offered a wider change of features and looks and one would never mistake them.

There may be thongs that may seem problematic about Disney princesses, but rather than focusing on the impossibly inhumane things about them we should focus on diversity among the  looks.



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