The Queen of Tex-Mex

April 16, marked the birthday of one of the most influential and successful artist, that left too soon. This artist was Selena, or Selenas. You know an artist is really famous when they are known by only one name. Even after twenty years of her death her presence is still as strong as ever, with those her saw her during her time, and for those who weren’t even born yet, like me. I grew up listening to her music, and my siblings who are all nine and younger know exactly who she is and her most popular songs. Whenever her movie comes on, thee stop whatever they are doing and watch her.

This week she would have been 44 years old. Who knows what she would have accomplished by this time, but even with her short life she created an empire that affected many.

People often forget how difficult it was for her to get to were she was, simply because she was a woman. The genre of music she sang was tejano, and at the time had not had any prominent female singers. Selena didn’t just top the charts, but also opened doors for women into a genre were they were not generally accepted, even though to this day it is still pretty male dominated. Other than her music, her fashion also went against what was accepted for women. It is believed that she caused the perceptions of beauty within the Latino community to change, as she went against the established beauty belief that thin and young is the only beauty.  In the same way her death caused many who didn’t think about Latino music to notice it, and opened the door for future Latino Artist to cross-over onto the American public, such as Ricky Martin or Shakira.

Her death was compared to to those of John Lennon and Elvis Presley. It’s  kind of sad that when you type that name Selena, Gomez is the only thing that comes up.  However, she has not been forgotten and her legacy lives on. With the anniversary of her death and her birthday, which are very close, it makes me happy to see the interest full of articles and posts on her legacy and influence.

She was the female artists that I grew up watching and listening to. While others had Madonna and Britney, the queens of pop. I had Selena the queen of Tex-Mex.



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