Sometimes You Just Have to Dance

I love dancing.

I seriously do.

I wish I would have taken dance since a young age, I’m not trying to brag or maybe I am, but I think I would be really good at it. This is weird because I used to hate dancing. I hated when my family went to parties because everyone danced and had fun while I sat in the corner the whole time. Being Latino and not being bale to dance is a terrible thing.  I remember always begging my mom to let me sat home, but it never worked and she would make make me go.

Then came my Quinceanera and I knew I just had to learn, my mom warned me about moping around rather than being on the dance floor. I had to learn special dances for the reception, and honestly speaking they sucked. I can’t watch the video of it because it’s so embarrassing. However, this forced myself to get on the dance floor, and it hasn’t been the same since then. Now I can’t wait for the next wedding or birthday party. The food is great, but honestly the dancing is the best part.

I have become obsessed with watching dance covers and videos on YouTube. I have come to like certain choreographers or groups a lot.  Here are my favorites.

Chachi Gonzales

I first knew about her from Americas Best Dance crew where she competed and won with the crew I.aM.mE. I believe she was only sixteen at the time. What was I doing was I was sixteen?

Ellen Kim

I stumbles upon her when I was having a Chachi video watching spree. Kim and Chachi were both a a video together. She has come to be my favorite female choreographer, I watch her stuff over and over gain and never get tired of it.

Kyle Hanagami

I came across Hanagami when I was on a Beyonce dance spree. He seriously has to have one of the best if not the best choreography for one of her songs. He defiantly deserves more attention.

Ian Eastwood

Ian is part of Mos Wanted Dance Crew, who also competed in America’s Best Dance Crew, but unfortunately didn’t win. However, Eastwood has been working with some big names, such as Childish Gambino, Zendaya, and Shinee. Picking videos to depict is extremely hard, he has so many great choreographies.

WilldaBeast Adams

His Videos for ‘Upgrade Ya’ was where my spree of Beyonce choreography videos began. I don’t necessarily love everything that he has come out with, but I relay enjoy watching his videos. another odd thing, I don’t really like his style of dancing, but the what he does with his choreography is what I like.

Sorah Yang

I came across her when because of a collaboration she did with Ellen Kim. I will admit that her style throws me off some times, but all in all she has such a distinct sharpness.


Ataca & La Alemana

Is a Latin dancing duo. I find that a lot of Latin dances on YouTube, especially Bachata are exaggerated when it comes to the sexiness and too choreographed. It makes it hard to watch and it cause the dance to lose appeal as they are meant to look effortless. however these two have been able to actually dance while e still maintaining sex appeal.





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