Covers Better Than the Original: Part 2

I already made a list about songs that I thought were better than the originals. As the title suggests here is a part two. Well not necessarily every song is better than the original, however it brings something new to the plate.

One More Night- Alex Goot and Friends

I have already talked about my dislike for most cover YouTubers and how basic, for lack of better words, some of them are.  However this version of the One More Night is now my favorite version. Part of it is all the different voices, they are all different however all of them have their own style and it surprisingly coexist well with each other. The other part is the piano, I just love songs where there is  prominent instrument being heard. Overall this version adds the extra punch I don’t get from the original.

Ringa Linga- Trick

This is one of the songs on the  where that doesn’t compare to the original, however I’m going to admit that it was my jam for  a while when I first heard it. The huge difference is that the cover is in English whereas the original is in Korean. The lyrics are changed too and the song is split up between two people. Thank god they changed the lyrics, because when I read the translated lyrics of the original I was like  o_0. The language barrier is strong on this one, but Trick manged to give the song the same feeling as the original, even after changing it.

Somebody’s Watching Me- Anna Waronker

When I first heard this it totally gave me a Pretty Little Liars feel. It has that creepy factor that the original doesn’t. To be honest I hadn’t heard the original when I first heard this one and I was a bit disappointed. I guess I just expected more out of it; I just expected to be thrown out my chair by it’s greatness, but it didn’t. The one thing it really liked about the original though was Michael Jackson, because how can you not love him.

Teenage Dream- Glee

I know some people despise Glee covers, but some of them are awesome. Like Dareen Criss’ version of Teenage Dream. I guess I’m being a bit biased. Because I pretty much think every cover Darren Criss doe s is better than the original. I love his voice and the way he makes every song seem as if it was own to begin with. Their are two  different versions of the song, both of them are completely different. One makes you want to dance around as if you were a Warbler the other makes you want to cry.

Your The One That I Want- Lo-Fang

This song changed so much and with it the feeling that came along with it. The happy original is turned into something gritter, darker, and sexier. The arrangement is beautiful, an the singers hypnotic voice just adds to it. Seriously just listen to it without listening to the actual singer and you’ll notice how great the production is.

Boyfriend- Marina the Diamonds

I love Marina and the Diamonds, and like one you tube comment said she is “turning shit into diamonds”. Well I don’t think the original was terrible, but it didn’t really have anything memorable. Marinas version seems almost like a response to Justin Believers, it’s like allowing you to see both sides of the story. Hers has so much feeling into it and you can tell that it is personal. She also adds depth to the song with just simple lyrics changes and way of performing.

Requiem for Blue Jeans-Bastille

Bastille is really a cover genius, they too make every song their own. This is no exception. Who would have ever thought to put Lana Del Rey and requiem for a dream together and make it work out in such a great way. Bastille that is.







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