A Twist to The Same Story

I always love it when people add their own twist on well known stories or ideas. It has been happening a lot lately with many remakes of the classic Disney Princess fairytales, such as Maleficent, Into The Woods and many more.

I guess you could say the original Disney movies did the same thing that is being done now. Many of the princess stories we loved as kids were remade into a more child friendly version of a gruesome story. Such as Sleeping Beauty who got raped while being asleep.  got pregnant,gave birth, and woke up to find a baby feeding upon her.  Or the Little Mermaid who ended up turning into bubbles after she jumped into the water after being rejected by Eric.

Many artist are doing the same thing and adding twits to our beloved stories and turning it into something darker or funny. Depending who you are.

First up is Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros‘ (jeez, what a name) whose  line of artwork entitled “Dishollywood” brings gritty images of Disney characters doing things that would defiantly not be appropriate for the image they have or by conjuring two unlikely pairs. These unlikely pairs include icons from the word of cinema, celebrity, and music. The collection is supposed to make the audience come up with new ideas of the storyline and dialogue to come up with new stories.

I guess this isn’t much of an upgrade from the original story, or trying Disney version. Maleficent definably outshines Aurora in hat one. At first glance I didn’t think about the fact that both Aurora and Freddie Krueger are both associated.

Seriously how did a lanky boy, whose feet are thicker than his legs turn out to be so big. It all makes sense now.

It toke me forever to realize that she was holding a birth test.

I think that every other person, besides Cinderella, would have done this at some tie.

First a pregnant saint, now this. Damn.

Not going to lie, I love these. I think Disney didn’t have much of an impart as it did on other people. The whole happily ever after wasn’t my type of story. You can blame Bambi for that. I never got over the opening scene.


Second one up, Aptitude, a UK digital agency is looking at the bigger picture behind some of the biggest album covers. the project is entitled “Album Covers -The Bigger Picture“.


HAHA, beetles crossing, I get it. Laughed  little too hard at this.

So many things in one picture.

Its’ all about money. Except for albums, because no one buys albums anymore.

Well, that’s not much different from real life.


The third and final artist is Oddly Head whose collection “Hollywoodland”, manages to imagine new scenarios for some of the most coveted films.

I don’t know why, but this made me laugh a lot.  I guess Ikea is wizard within itself.

Simon’s head, yes it doesn’t just appear to one direction. image



My Favorite is Dishollywood, I don’t know. maybe it’s something about ruining about things that are seen as innocent. Maybe I’m just terrible person




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