Sweets with a Punch

I’m not the biggest fan of sweets, but the one sweet thing I can’t stop eating is Pan Dulce (Sweet Bread). It’s the Mexican equivalent of baked goods. Whenever my family gets Pan Dulce it only lasts about a day or two. Just yesterday we bought three bags full of it and there is barely nay left. The only one that is left is the kins I don’t like. It that has jalapenos in it. I don’t do well with spicy things.

Pan Dulce

It kinda sucks that America doesn’t have a very rich baking culture. I can’t even name a good bakery around where I live. There is only HyVee, highest quality bakes goods you’ll find around here.

But of course, eating cakes and cookies is accompanied by shame. How about if you got a big F you with that too. It will surely make you feel better about the 300 calories you’re about to consume. It might even make you chuckle a little.

That’s exactly what Sarah Brockett is doing and she calls it Rude Cakes. Brockett is the graphic designer behind The Bold Bakery, a bakery that adds sass and sarcasm to there goods.

Brockett says that “the Bold Bakery is not where you want to purchase Grandma’s birthday cake from ….however [it is] the perfect place to have a pie created for your cheating husband”.

Brockett came up with idea when she had to do her senior thesis project. She told Huffington Post that she was trying to find something that would combine her her two favorite activities, baking and hand lettering.

The word or phrase on each piece has been said either by Brockett or the people around her. She keeps a journal to keep track of them in her sketch book.

So who is on your hate list? I would personally love to send these to my friends (and maybe one for myself).


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