The Contradictivity of Body Image

Beauty standards, is anyone else just annoyed with that topic? Because I know I am, I’m past the self esteem issues a used to have, but everywhere you go you see something about it. I mean, I’m not saying it should stop, it defiantly should not, it’s just that I no longer need that motivation.

I have no idea where, all I know is that it was on the internet. I saw someone saying “only in America is it a bad thing to call someone fat”. I’m not entirely sure if this was a joke or a just a rude comment. either way it didn’t really bother me, I’m just so used to the stereotype that everyone and everything in a America is bigger than it should be (food portion size, the people, our pride, etc.). However this comment got me thinking about how contradictive the media is in the United States.  Here is what I don’t understand, models on magazines and catwalks are stick strait yet some of the biggest stars are nowhere near this mold. Such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, or Nicki Minaj. These women are some of the most popular and talked about celebrities, yet they don’t fit the supermodel image.

It’s known that such magazines influence woman to think about their bodies a certain way, yet I’ve never heard anyone say ‘I want to look like this or this model’. They instead mention movie stars or celebrities, who are also known to contribute the the issue at hand. But When I look at many of these singers or actors I don’t think of them as skinny, they just look healthy. So yeah, many of them have strict diets and workouts, but isn’t that part of having a healthy lifestyle. I hate it when i I order a salad or don’t eat everything on a plate or when I talk about working out people automatically assume I”m on a diet or they tell me I don’t need to lose weight. I’m just trying to be healthy.

Like I stated the fight to accept your body the way it is huge right now, however I think it’s particularity aimed towards those who are not considered skinny. Yet we forget that there is more to body image than just weight. The weight issue then leads to the obesity epidemic we have in the U.S.

What is a girl to do? One side has someone telling them they are too fat on the other some is telling you they are perfect. One side telling them that they have to be stick skinny the other that they have to have an insane hourglass figure.

In the same way we talk about self acceptance, yet we shame women when they reveal any part of there body. Your clothes are too tight, your dress is too short, your showing too much cleavage. We automatically go to the words “whore” or “slut” when we see people that are not up to our modesty standards without even knowing anything about them. We undoubtedly assume they are trying to get attention.

Now we have the contradiction of “I like my body, I’ve accepted it, but I can’s show it without feeling ashamed”. Which just brings us back to the beginning.

Honesty if people want to show off some, why not. If you got it flaunt it. What is wrong with being happy with your body and wearing things that make you feel and look good. I personally wouldn’t really dress like that, but I want to know that if some day I do, people wouldn’t assume I’m trying to get man’s attention.





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