That Feeling Of Someone Watching You

I hate the felling of something being creepy, scary I can handle, but creepy, that’s a no no. For me creepy is the combination of scary and disturbing. And apparently being creeped out is something no one can overcome, unlike scary things. This video tries to explain why things rare creepy.

It makes sense, I have always had a fear of aliens, not necessarily the idea of them, but the way they look. Now I understand why dolls and clowns are so darn creepy. I always assumed it was because I watched Chucky and It when I was too young. It didn’t make sense to me how something that is supposed to be for kids could be so terrifying at the same time.

I was reminded f the concept of creepy when I saw the work KyttenJanae

The Los Angeles based media artist makes live visuals, virtual reality, experimental media, and gif art. Her art form combines bright neon colors, with the movement of materials, and subjects that are mostly being humans. This type of art is entitled Psychedelic Gifs . were you, anyway//Tell me again that part how you didn’t feel a thing//<br /><br /> Erase yourself and you’ll be free//<br /><br /> @kyttenjanae

I’ve never seen anything like this, and it’s defiantly the type of thing that can be hard to take in, however I look past that and imagine how long it must have taken to make all of these. I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s very interesting.


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