I want to redo my room, and one of the biggest changes when redoing room is a change in wall color. My mom recently changed our kitchen and living room to yellow. I know, I know, the first thought that comes to mind is, yikes! Not that the color yellow is ugly, is just that for a room it’s a bit odd. I was worried at first too, but it actually turned out pretty well.

My mom is obsessed with brightness. I can assure you that our home is extremely bright, like if I accidentally fall asleep in the living room I might go blind when I wake up in the morning. Both of my parents don’t believe in having closed blinds. And me, being the normal human I am, am  extremely paranoid, I always assume someones outside watching and I hate it. And It’s not like normal people who open there blinds a little bit to let some light in, but the whole window has to be bare. So the blinds are always open, and with the mixture of the yellow walls and the sun, you get a really bright room. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention the skylights, just adds to the brightness.

I knew that colors brought about certain emotions, but I never thought of that when choosing paints for a room until I came across an article that talked particularly about that. It includes diagrams of rooms and what colors work best with it and why. some examples are below.

For a family room or living room, you want a sense of community and laughter.In a kitchen, you want to encourage health and growth.

Honestly, to me most,if not all, of the colors in the examples where pretty bland. Maybe I was just born with my mothers taste for bright things, but these colors just don’t suit me.

The woman behind this is Kinda Lauren, she sates that she has been a color psychic and medium since she was three years old. Yellow is supposed to evoke laughter, truthfully more than laughter, I think yelling and crying is what happens in my family’s the living room.  I guess it’s just what happens when you have a bunch of little kids.

A part of me wants to redo my room super girly and another part wants to do it more artsy.

Exhibit #1 Girly

I want this mirrored side tableIt’s like the dream barbie house.

Exhibit #2  Artsy

tumblr roomsI’m not sure my mom is going to let me tape so many things on the wall though, especially if I decide to paint my room a different color. Because she is definatly not going to let me hang up so may many things and then have a wall full of holes.

Exhibit #3 What My Mom Would Want

I don’t even know why I’m going to redo my room, I’m only in it like one more year. Whatever, my successor will just have to acquire the taste of the first owner.


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