Reasons Why Music Will be Better this Year

I did a blog post that last week about reasons why music will be better this year , and I just have so many artists to talk about. A huge lineup of artist are coming out with new albums thsi year.


So there I am listening to the radio when all of a sudden a voice I hadn’t heard on it comes on. Prince Royce! And he is singing in English. I had no idea that he was planning to cross over to the American public. I have to admit that It wasn’t really what I expected. I watched his music video for his new song, and the comments were full of people compared to Justin Bieber. Since I’ve known prince Royce for the past four years I can say that they are nothing alike.  However he seems to have changed his style, from his music to his style and even the style of music video changed. Even though it’s different I’m looking forward to what he come out with next.


Kanye, when do people ever stop talking about him. Whether it be his stunt at the Grammy’s or his SNL skit or even his new song with Paul McCartney, he is always on people’s radar.  And with his new song, he marks the beginning of  a new album. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that he makes good music.


There was a time long ago,by long ago I mean like six years ago, when I loved Rihanna. Over the years that changed though. Her music no longer surprises me and it all seems to blend into each other. but deep down I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe she will come back to her early years or even come up with a couple good songs just like “Stay or “Shine Bright Like a Diamond”. Or should I say I hope she has good writers for her next album. It is supposed to have ballads as well as an edgier sound.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis dominated the charts in 2012 and are planning on returning this year. gosh it was already been three years ago when “Thrift Shop” was giving people a reason to where second hand clothes. It will definitely be difficult to do a follow up their album “The Heist”, but I think they will mange it.



Speaking of Macklmore let’s talk about the person who many thought truly deserved the Grammy for best Hip Hop album Kendrick  Lamar, not saying that Macklemore didn’t deserve it, but in my opinion Lamar brought something fresh to a genre a music that is slowly becoming into a formulaic artistry. Once again topping his album Good kid M.A.A.D City, but we got a taste from “i” and the until track he perform on the Colbert Show.


The first time I heard Imagine Dragons was on a trailer, it was their song “Time”, it was just that type of song that mad you feel good about life. I had their album “Night Visions” on repeat forever.  Honesty Imagine Dragons gave me hope when I heard them on the radio the first time that other genres rather than pop would be played. However that didn’t happen, but at let they are still on the radio. I still haven’t listened to their new album “Smoke+Mirror”, but i know it will be great.







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