Photogenic Dancing

Many little girls want tutus and high buns, the first introduction to the dnce of ballet. however as one gets older ballet is own of the most intense and difficult forms of art (and sport).  The competition to get into the highly coveted companies is extremely difficult, many good dancers realize that being ‘good’ isn’t enough. Once someone enters a company they are faced with six to seven hours of practice everyday for up to six days a week. Besides practice one has to follow a strict diet and  do fitness programs such as pilates.

I honestly don’t think I could ever handle that. Dancers have to give up so much of their life for something that might not be there tomorrow.   Yet again it’s something so beautiful, an Instagram is taking notice. Many ballerinas have many more followers than some of the biggest athletes. American Ballet Theaters dancer Misty Copeland has a whopping 402, 00 compared to  Venus Williams an d89.500 and Danica Patrick who has 29, 900.

it’s understandable since dance is all about the movements you do with your body, to have it become as big as it has on a social media that thrives in photographs. Check out some of the many dancer son Instagram through this post.




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