A New Type of Art

So I’ve gotten obsessed with doing my nails,I spend hours on Pinterest looking at pictures of nail designs to get ideas. Anything that has to do with beauty  just fascinates me. I used to watch dozens of YouTube make up tutorials, Michelle Phan was the one that really showed me that make up is a form of art. I seriously watched all her videos even if I knew I would never actually try them out.

Black hearts

I never really cared about my nails before because they grow way too fast, so it was a waste of time to do them. I hate it that I can do one hand, but not the other. I’ve never gotten a manicure, it just seems like a waste of money and gel nails would just feel too weird.

I was bored a couple weeks ago and decided to do my nails and added some designs to them and it actually turned out pretty good. Since I don’t have all the tools used when design nails, I have to improvise with things I find around my house. I have three sisters and they always ask me ti do there nails and I would actually want to do it if they had any nails. They bite their nails and they’re still kids so there is not much to work with.

I don’t understand how people can create complex designs on themselves. This could come off as racist, but Asians are super good at doing nails. like every nail place is owned by an Asian. I was watching a video of how nails are done in Korea. Three things that surprised me the most were that they have nail extensions (instead of applying gel nails on the whole nail they only apply to the tip), it can take up to six hours, and the nail artist in the video has clients that come all the way from Japan just to get there nails done. The person in the video has bedazzled nails and can still do another person’s nails, that seems extremely difficult.

Going to a different country to get your nails done seems kind of extreme, but I guess it’s worth it. They last up to a month! Mine only last about a week. My mom has always wanted me to learn how to do nails and I think maybe now I will. To me makeup and nail art are true from of art. I’m not sure if everyone else would agree, but I think you need to have certain type of skill to become really good at it. Yes all girls do this stuff, but only some can go beyond the basics.

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