It’s Harder Than it Seems

So about a month ago I had to do a project that involved drawing paper. The last time I had to do this one of my friends laughed and said “your drawing paper” in a tone of ridicule. I was like “B, I wanna see you try”, actually no i didn’t say that, but i was thinking it.  I also thought it was ridiculous when it was first introduced me, but I soon realized that it was a lot harder than  I assumed. I had to cut and make weird shapes with the paper, then I taped them onto another piece of paper. It took forever to do and nothing looked right. When I told this to one of my other friends she said it was like asking someone what water tasted like.

Then I see artist like Ben Weiner who had painted pictures of paint.

Ben Weiner - Paintings of paint


I wish I was half as talented as him. It just blows my mind to see the ability that people have of recreating life. Just like this artwork by Gregory Thielker.

Gregory Thielker - Oil on canvas

No it’s not a picture, and this one by Diego Fazio isn’t either. Diego Fazio - Charcoal pencilThere is artwork that is good, but you can defiantly tell it’s not real. These are examples of types that look as if they were photographs. If your not impressed then you need to go get your eyes checked. But if you were ten you can go  check out some more amazing artists like these on this BuzzFeed post.



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