“Mind Art”: Where Art Meets Science

In order to create something we use materials and our imagination or instructions, but we completely overlook the ordinary yet complex thing that is our body. Our opposable thumb is what separates us from animals has led us to become the leading species. What would have artists and inventors done if they didn’t have those thumbs, or even there whole arms to allow them to do their creations.

China has the largest population of disabled people, 83 million to be exact, however there is little national support. The project “Mind Art” was created by Chinese artist Jody Xiong  and paint purveyor Winsor & Newton to bring awareness to people with disabilities. Sixteen  disabled people were recruited through social media to participate in the project.

First They would choose the color of the paints they wanted. Then the paint would be placed in balloons that had tiny detonators and were surrounded at all sides with canvas’. The balloons would then be triggered to explode through deep concentration of the participants. This was possible by electronic signals sent by the brain through a  headset that was connected to a neurosky processing unit. This brought about beautiful abstract art that would be called “Mind Art”.

The exhibition toured 22 cities in China with about 55 thousand visitors per week. The project raised about $130,700 by auctioning the artworks. All the money went to charities that aid people with disabilities.

The team behind the project said that they “showed that although the bodies of disabled people are handicapped their bodies aren’t”.  Xiong wanted to display that the power of the mind could trump the body’s limitations.

Here are some images of the art work and it’s process.

I can’t help but be amazed by all these new technological advances that I earn about on a daily basis. The fact that it can allow people to do things they never thought possible and go beyond the usual need for technology, of making things easier or entertaining us, is admirable. It makes me feel good just seeing the happiness of these participants as they stand next to there newly created artwork.  It also makes me want to go out there and do or create something that will bring people happiness and/or help them . However like always when I tell my self that I will to help those around me,I never do. Either because I’m too lazy, I don’t think I can actually do anything that will amount to something, or I just forget. I’m going to make it a goal of mine to volunteer, even if it’s something simple, it could really mean the world to someone else.








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