Queen B Isn’t that Great

The past few weeks I’ve been listening to Beyonce a lot. Her last album blew up, the only song I had heard from it was “Drunk in Love” and I didn’t think it was that great so I didn’t bother to listen any of the other songs on the album. However I went back to revisit her old music, I even went as far back as Destiny’s Child and I was jamming to all her songs. Even some from her last album, which in my opinion was not that great when you compare it to her other stuff. The one song I really liked was “Pretty Hurts”, it has a strong message about beauty standards, but I should probably give the credit to Sia, who wrote it. Another one of the songs in the album with a good message is “Flawless”, which included a part of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s speech on feminism. I can say that was my favorite part of the song,  I didn’t really like it. It basically repeated the same three or four phrases over and over again

Beyonce is just one of those artist that no one ever has anything bad to say about, which is very rare. And because of that people have developed this type of worhipment towards everything she does. People make it seem like she can do no wrong and honestly it gets kind’ve annoying.

She is one of the few people on the radio who actually has talent, and her performances are always killer.  However I feel that people try to shove her “greatness” down people’s throats.

While everyone was applauding how amazing her performance was at this years MTV Video Music Awards, I had to change the channel because my younger sister was in the room with me. I just don’t understand why other female artists get bashed on for showing too much skin and how people complain that all you see in music videos now it butts shaking, yet when\Beyonce does it it’s okay and she is praised for it.

I didn’t even get done watching this video because it was so pointless, I instantly think of Miley Cyrus and how much hate she got when she changed her image the past year. I didn’t like it either, but people called her a slut and whore. Then you move to Beyonce and everyone  says “YAAAAAAASSSS’, “SLAAAAAAAY” and “Queen” in videos like this.  I was reading the comments on one of her videos and someone made the exact same comparison, somebody else responded with it being okay because Beyonce has the talent to back it up. Umm, Okay that doesn’t make any sense to me. so just because someone is talented we are supposed to turn a blind eye whenever they do something we don’t agree with. Which is what a lot of her fans seem to do, they just blindly love everything she does.

I mean everyone completely let go of the Photoshopped Instragrm pictures she uploaded, but if would have been anybody else, they would have been called fake an many other things.

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

In this photo a distorted whine glass and phone case can be seen, which let to the suspicion of Photoshop.

I’m probably going to get hate for this post, but I just think Queen B is not that great.


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