Year End Award Shows

It’s the end of the year and the beginning of  a new one and with it come music award shows. The MTV EMA’s were held on September 11 in Glasgow, Scotland. Nicki Minaj hosted and I wasn’t excited enough to waste two hours of my life watching them. It’s MTV after all, everybody already knows who is going to win. This year One Direction, Ariana Grande and 5SOS were the biggest winners. Justin Bieber won two awards, but I don’t remember him having any songs on the radio this year. I tried watching the performances, but they were pretty boring. When I think of the European Music Awards I would assume that the music involved in the ward show would include mostly European artist, however the show itself is just like the original MTV Video Music Awards, except with a different scenery. I wish I would see Stromae, Florence and the Machine, and many other European artist rather than just a repeat of what I hear on American radios. The one thing this award show does have that I do like is the awards it has for specific countries.

this past Wednesday the YG family Concert wait I mean the MAMAs took place in Hong Kong, China. I was not going to watch this because they started at two in the morning where I live. I did watch most of the performances, and well they were kind’ve everywhere. I personal favorite was The Epik High performance that included B.I., Booby, Mino and Yoo Inna. The energy insane, well not from the audience, and they all killed it. Of course GD and Taeyang were not far behind(apparently ‘Fantastic Baby’ is the new Rickroll). the once thing i did not like about the performances is that they included covers, such as Ailee and Girls Day singing ‘Problem’ by Ariana Grande and Block B and BTS doing ‘Let’s get it Started’ by the Black Eyed Peas. Maybe I just don’t like it because it’s never been done before in any other award show I’ve ever seen. What was up with that whole Block B and BTS showdown. I mean I’m not complaining about the Jimin, but the whole thing just seemed so random. another thin that was random and unnecessary was Kai’s solo and the “tell me what is love”  performances. I feel that those are more for the fans and better left for their own concerts. I really to like exo, but i hate the fact that they lip-synced ‘overdose’.



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