The Beauty of Handwriting

I’ve made previous posts about an art camp I went to. In the past week I worked on a project using my fingerprints that reminded me of  something we did at this camp I went to.

We met a person who did calligraphy for her job. At that time she was working on a book. Someone had payed her to write the whole Bible in calligraphy! Since you cannot erase it using normal paper, she uses a special type of paper made out of cow skin. It’s basically like fabric and  it’s super soft. She can rub off the ink and it takes off some of the paper, but she puts a paste on it that makes it not super noticeable.

She doesn’t just have to write it out, but also create the book. If you have noticed the pages in a book are not attached to the page right next to them. I don’t think what I’m trying to saying is coming out right, but books are made how composition notebooks are made. It would be so difficult! The page is basically split in two and writing is on both the front and back, but it’s not in chronological order. Ugh, so much work. just imagine writing a whole page and then realizing it was the wrong one.

I got a calligraphy kit once for Christmas, but I never used it. I also got this art kit that I never used either. I have this fear of messing up and wasting the products. Little by little I lost everything, I should have used it when I had gotten it for the first time.

I always thought that cursive writing was so pretty, I remember being super happy when we finally began to learn it in 3rd grade. A couple months ago I took the PSAT and for a part of it you have to write that you agree to the terms. When it was announced that it had to be written in cursive there was instinct panic and groans from all the students. It was only about three sentences, but I too panicked. I had forgotten how to write some of the letters.

I had already had an interest in learning how to write in calligraphy, but since where I live we barely have anything I doubt that by any chance there is someone who teaches it.

Anyway, getting back to the project, you might be wondering what a fingerprint has to do with calligraphy. This women I was talking about also included pictures in the bible, but the pictures where made out of words. I know there is a name for this type of art, but I don’t remember what it is and I can’t find it anywhere. If anyone knows please inform me.

The project involved creating one’s fingerprint with words. Jut like these below(neither of these are mine).

A picture of my fingerprint was blown up and then I used a light table to create the image with the words. I basically just used a bunch of quotes I liked when I did mine.

It was a fun little project that sparked my interest in calligraphy once again. Maybe one day I’ll come around and actually learn how to do it.






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