CL Debuting in the U.S.

A couple of weeks ago the news came out that CL would be making her u.S. debut next year. I was ecstatic, 2NE1 is the only girl group in K-pop hat I actually like. They really stand out among the other girl groups. They have a tough image that no other group have successfully mastered. Even when it comes to English singing girls groups. It’s nice to see female singers who aren’t shaking there butts and wearing super revealing clothes.

It was revealed that she would be working along manager Scooter Braun. Even though I haven’t heard the greatest things about him, you have to admit that he is good at what he does. he has helped Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Ariana Grande and Psy just to name a few.

CL had already worked with and Skrillex. She recently released her first solo single titled “The Baddest Female” and  had  solo song in 2Ne1’s lat album.

She has easily become one of my favorite music acts. I didn’t like that people labeled her as the Asian Nicki Minaj, and honestly the only thing I see that that have in similar is that they are both rappers. It’s dumb that whenever there is a new female rapper people automatically compare them to Nicki Minaj. Just like when she came out people compared her to Lil’ Kim. Some people have compared Cl to lady gaga. once again I don’t see why. Just that they both have crazy outfits, in a very distinctive way though.

I was surprised with some of the backlash people have had about her new project. some said that she was being selfish for debuting by herself rather than with 2NE1. Others that she is not good enough to be a solo artist. Someone said that she is no Beyonce, she’s like Nicole Scherzinger who needs other girls to stand out.

What was most surprising is that most if not all of these comments are made by K-poppers (k-pop fans). I don’t understand why when BOA mad her English Debut people were all up for it and now that CL is doing the same thing people are against her.

I’m really looking forward to what she will come up with, since she once said that there was a lot that she still had not shown as a part of 2NE1. I’m only worried that she will change to fit the standards that America has. But thinking about it, with the type of attitude and personality that CL has, she would never change for anyone.



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