Dressing Up

It’s that time of year when people dress up, candy is eaten, parents have to pay the dentist extra money, houses are decorated in pumpkins, and adults dress like sluts. Halloween! I have never been very fond oft his holiday, it just never made sense to me. People dress up and get candy. I can do that every day if I really wanted to. Why does there need to be a holiday for it to happen. Maybe I’m just being salty, after 1st grade ! never dressed up again. My family changed religions, and our new religion did not allow the celebration of Halloween.

Even now that I can celebrate it, I just find it a waste of money to buy something I’m only going to wear once. I was invited to a Halloween party and all I did was look in my closet 5 minutes before I walked out the door and chose a white shirt, black skirt, and argyle printed stockings, put my hair into ponytails and said I was a schoolgirl. 

Super uncreative, I know. It’s not like other people are any better. Every year someone is a cat, a vampire, a princess, a superhero, a witch etc. I can’t even imagine how many people are going to dress up as Elsa this year. However there are those few that think outside the box and then make me slap myself for not thinking of that. Or there are those that you can’t believe are costumes.

French Kiss

Blue Ivy

(Or Her BFF, Baby Blue Ivy)

Weeping Angel from Doctor Who

The Weeping Angel from Doctor Who .

Willson Volleyball

BP Oil Spill


DumbleDora The Explorer:

The “Ancient Aliens” GuyThe "Ancient Aliens" Guy:





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