Covers Better than the Orignal

I don’t know about you, but for me all those song covers on YouTube are kind’ve annoying. I watch a video and all the comments are like “wow your so amazing, how are you not famous”, and “it’s better the the original”. I’m just thinking, ‘hey aren’t that great’. Of course the immediate reaction of people to that would be ‘your just jealous that you are not as talented as them’. Of course I haven’t seen every cover, and there are some really great singers that should be replacing some of the people on the radio. It’s just that most of the videos I’ve seen ta singers are pretty average.

There are however some covers that I really like, some of them even better than the originals. However If I like them more, it doesn’t mean that they are better, it’s just my opinion on which one I would rather listen to instead. I am going to do a list of some of my favorite covers, I not doing any YouTube cover though, like I said I usually don’t like them, so I don’t watch them.

Valerie-Amy Winehouse

This song was originally sung by  The Zutons, and was popularized by Amy Winehouse. In my opinion Amy’s soulful version of Valerie blew the original out of the water. Maybe part of it is the the Jazzy felling, it just makes me want to get up and dance. Bruno Mars’ and Naya Rivera’s is not that bad either, however not better than Amy’s.

Starstrukk-Marina and the Diamonds

The original song is by 3oh!3, at first I thought Marina had written it herself. Once again I think this one is better than the original, maybe I’m just being biased because I love Marina. I just love how she turned a such a shallow song into a dark and meaningful one. Maybe it was a meaningful song to begin with, but the way the original singers portrayed it didn’t seem like it. What I got out of this version is how girls obsess over their looks trying to get the guy, but only end up getting hurt.

We Can’t Stop-Bastille

I think we all know who sang the original, if you don’t it’s Miley Cyrus. I was really surprised by this song, I would have never expected it to have this type of sound. I will admit that the original is catchy, but this the only version I will willingly listen to. At first I thought only the enduing was different, but then I realized that there are small lyrical changes throughout the whole song. Such as changing “dancing with molly” to “dancing with Miley” and ” trying to get a line in the bathroom” to “queuing up to get into the bathroom”. The meaning of the song completely changed too, like someone in the comments said “[it’s] no longer a rebellious cry against authority, they are a cry for help– they literally can’t stop because they need to escape from their depressing lives” ( 90geekgirl06).

I Need a Hero-Jennifer Sounders

The original is sung by Bonnie Tyler. I remember replaying the this part over and over again whenever I watched Shrek.  Sounders’ version just seems more dramatic with the slow beginning and the changing of the soft and strong vocals. but honestly the orchestra in eh background is what makes it so great. The Frou Frou version is totally different but still good.

Without You-Lea Michele

I know that some people hate everything that has to do with this show. I don’t understand why they get so much hate for covering songs while, like I said earlier, people on YouTube get so much praise. I used to watch glee, before it went downhill, and it annoyed me that lea’s character got all the songs (not literally obviously) and the show practically revolved around her. I have to admit that she is extremely talented, she does amazing in every cover. which shouldn’t be surprising she’s been on Broadway since she was 8. This is one of Glee’s covers that I thought was better than the original. Sorry, not sorry Usher and David Guetta. The electronic beat of the original just takes away from the feeling of the song. Lea’s performance is so emotional, and I just don’t get the same from Usher’s.







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