Popular Trends: UGGs and Leggings

I never understood the trend of UGG boots and leggings. I thought UGGs were some of the ugliest shoes I had ever seen. I remember my mom had bought me a pair and I got really mad because she forced me to wear them. I will admit that they are really comfortable, but they have no friction whatsoever. I was slipping all over the ice, I had to waddle everytime I went outside. I probably looked like a penguin. I especially can’t take the plain ones like these:

The only ones that don’t look that bad are the knitted ones.  The knit gives them a nice pattern, the buttons don’t hurt either.

I didn’t have  problem with leggings. People would wear them under long shirt, even I did that and I sometimes still do. I just don’t know who decided that they were pants. They show everything, and  really don’t want to see all of that. Some people don’t wear underwear so that the lines don’t show. That is just gross! Someone should really explain the difference between leggings and yoga pants. Is the band on top the only thing that distinguishes them? Aren’t yoga pants meant to be for yoga? And aren’t people cold, those things are super thin.

I personally feel really uncomfortable wearing leggings, my dad wouldn’t really like me wearing them either. I always hear people talking about how certain girls shouldn’t be allowed to wear leggings. Which is really rude, but at the same time, people are the ones exposing  themselves by wearing them. My mom always tells me how ridiculous people look. This trend had lasted so long, I wonder how much longer it will stay. Will it be one of those things that people look back and regret?



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