Discovering a new Obbsseion: K-pop

I used to be the only person in my house in the mornings and I hated the silence that came along with it. While I was getting ready I would always listen to music. I have two channels, Mun2 and Tr3s, that are in Spanglish and in the morning they always show music videos. I was used to listening to music in English and in Spanish on the channels, however one time a song came on and I did not understand the language. The people on the screen were Asian, like any other close-minded person, I assumed that they were Chinese. A couple days later the channel once again played a song that seemed to be in the same genre as the first one I had seen.

These are the videos that they played, I’m not sure witch one came first.

In this video I didn’t like that one of the guys had really long hair; I wasn’t comfortable with guys looking so much like girls. However I do have to admit that I was kind’ve jealous of how nice it looked. Too bad I later found out that they were extensions. The dancing was different from what I’m used to watching in music videos. Which nowadays is not much, only butt shaking (only girls, I rarely see men dancing).

This video caught my attention because of all the bright colors. This song was so catchy, I found myself singing nananananana electric shock for the whole day. In this video one of the girls looked masculine. Since the two videos I watched had someone who looked like the opposite sex, I just assumed that every other group in this genre were like that.

This reminded of a  random video on YouTube’s homepage that I had watched a couple years ago.  It was Asian girls singing in some language I didn’t understand, I read the comments and was surprised to find that they were all in English. It didn’t make sense to me why someone would listen to something that they didn’t understand. After a few days I forgot about the two videos.

Then a couple months later the TheFineBros started a new series called YouTuber’s React. One of the reaction videos was on K-pop (Korean pop). I realized that one of the videos was by the same boy group I had seen on TV. I was pretty sure the girl group was the same one I had seen on YouTube years ago. The videos were so odd and colorful. A friend and I tried to find the weirdest one we could find. Once again this only lasted about a week.

One time I was really bored and decided to look back on those videos, and I found a group who had members that could speak English! The group’s name was UKiss, I thought it was a really cheesy name.

After that little by little I found other groups and I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed the music. I didn’t want to like it though, I thought that people who listened to that type of music were weird. It seemed like the only people who liked K-pop were the ones on the internet, and it was an unknown thing to everyone else in the real world. I felt that it was some type of cult.

I realized it was similar to what I used to think of Harry Potter. I never understood what was so great about it. I thought everyone who liked it were just a bunch of nerds. I eventually read the books and, well, this article pretty much sums up what happened. I am so happy I gave myself the chance to discover what everyone raved so much about. Harry Potter became my new obsession after the craze I had over the not so good Twilight.

In the same way I decided to give K-pop a chance and I’m glad I did so. I feel that it’s one of those things everyone knows about, but at the same time no one knows about it.  It’s easy to get sucked into it and its impossible to get out.








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