Willy Wonka in Real life

Stroke 2

I like chocolate, but unlike some people I can actually stop myself from eating . I feel gross after eating too much, well, that goes for all types of sweets. One of my siblings doesn’t like chocolate all! What! I never thought I would actually meet someone who doesn’t like it.

Chocolate haters would absolutely despise what Scottish artist Anya Gallaccio has created. It’s a room entirely made out of chocolate, just like the castle in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The walls of the room are painted with chocolate, visitors are allowed to touch and even taste it. The art piece is called Stroke, I think its an appropriate name. Stroke 4

40 kg of dark Swiss chocolate were used to make it. It was installed last spring and was left until mid-July. Part of the piece included the decaying process. Galllaccio said that for her most of the art is purely the anticipation of seeing the room than the actual room itself. Also that it could be “purely sensual, social, maybe political depending on your relationship to food, to chocolate, to pleasure”. I guess for me that room would be love, because that’s my relationship with food.  



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