Old&New Mashup

As much as I like art, I have to admit that sometimes I get bored with the old paintings I always see in museums and textbooks. The artist, Eisen Bernardo,  is giving these old paintings a twist with his new project Mag+Art. He does mash-ups of famous paintings and magazine covers. In an interview with Buzzfeed news, he told them that he thought that magazine covers where influenced by classical paintings. His aim was to compare and contrast old and new aesthetics while showing how a societies ideal of beauty and what is considered art changes.

When I was in elementary school we did an art project where we cut half of a magazine page and then drew the other half. I was really proud of how close my drawing cam to the actual thing. To bad that it got destroyed a few years later by one of my siblings. I later used magazines to create a college, so far that hasn’t been ruined yet (I didn’t like how that one turned out though). I admire people who create art with unconventional things, they see possibilities where others see objects.


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