Extreme Chalk Drawings

In my last post I talked about a street artist who uses tape to create sculptures and places them in odd places. I was reminded of a chalk drawing in front of the dormitories, from the same camp where I did tape sculpture,  that would get drawn over everyday.

Staying with the topic of street art I will talk about Julian Beever who has been dubbed as the “Pavement Picasso”. To get attention at first he would only do portraits of well known people. He then moved to using anamorphosis to create his widely known 3D chalk illusions.

Anamorphosis is a type of illusion that is drawn in a distorted way,and when seen from in a certain angle gives off a 3D look. So from one view you can see a pond scenery and from another you would see an elongated picture. However it does not look 3D to the naked eye, the work needs to be seen through a screen such as a camera, a phone, or ipad.

Here are examples of how the drawings would look from different viewpoints. 

Street art caught Beever’s eye when he saw pavement artists while working with the Punch & Judy show in York. He finally decided to give it a try after he come across an odd path of concrete where a garden had just been removed. He drew a swimming pool, and later people falling into the pool. Then he realized that if you can draw people falling into the pool then you can also make them appear to stand out of it.

Beever has worked in 28 different countries including the United States, Australia, Denmark, and Spain. In 2010 He published his first book entitled “Pavement Chalk Artist”.

He does his drawings out of pure enjoyment and because he wants to shock passer-by’s. He has not moved to other mediums because he likes the size and freedom allowed by working in the streets. He does not agree with the nickname he has received, as the “Pavement Picasso” because their mediums and their styles are completely different.

I would never do anything like this, since it’s not permanent. It would hurt me a little on the inside to see something I had worked on so hard get stepped on and washed away. This summer my siblings got a box of chalk. I thought about drawing something cool, but it didn’t turn out so well. I couldn’t even draw a good circle with all the bumps of the pavement. I can only imagine how long it takes for Beever to get such a smooth looking picture. When someone mentioned street art I could only think of spray paint on walls, however now I see all the possibilities there are.

Sources: http://blowthescene.com/interviews/julian-beever-interview-a-moment-with-the-pavement-picasso.html

Julian Beever’s Website: http://www.julianbeever.net/




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